Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Reading Program 2016

Research shows that students lose important skills when they do not read regularly during summer break. We are partnering with the Novi Public Library to encourage summer reading with loads of fun programs, activities, book suggestions, and prizes.

Beginning Monday, June 20 and continuing until Saturday, August 6, you will be able to go online http://www.novilibrary.org/Youth/ or come into the Library to sign up for the Summer Reading Program:  
             "On Your Mark, Get Set… READ!"

Celebrate the beginning of the Summer Reading Program on June 20 at a kick-off party featuring crafts, puzzles, scavenger hunts, a photo booth and more.  Register online or at the Library to attend.
Keep track of the time you spend reading on the Reading Log provided by Mrs. Kramer in your PV Media class.  Participants will earn an entry into a weekly drawing for a special prize for every 4 hours of reading completed per week. Weekly drawings will begin on July 1.
Students who complete 20 hours of reading by August 6th will be entered into the grand prize drawing and receive a free book. They will also receive an invitation to the Summer Reading Finale at Paradise Park where they can enjoy free games, laser tag, and food.

KEEP READING UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS....  Students entering 2nd, 3rd, 4th  & 5th  grades can take Accelerated Reader tests using their student logins at the NPL over the summer.   

Please turn the Reading Log in to your new classroom teacher or Mrs. Kramer on the first day of the 2016-2017 school year.

Have a wonderful summer!  Happy Reading!

Mrs. Kramer


To our awesome Parkview Media Center volunteers who enable me to attempt many projects with students that wouldn't be possible without the extra support from these patient, skilled and dependable parents.  They work with me as a team to enhance media time. Words cannot express my gratitude to these wonderful volunteers:

Bonnie Tugby
Machiko Murase
Kimberly Zecman
Minchae Cho
Dima Abu Yasin
Jeanette Dick
Rachel Harris
Anthea Hosokawa
Marina Truckel
Jill Wasson
Kaori Kobayashi
Yukari Masada
Momoko Kimura
Concetta Zybel
Maya Fuma
Oksana Kantejeva
Melissa Kandah
Mrs. Scott
Puja Shetty
Yurika Shirakabe
Shizuka Shiratori
Mika Sanada
Chiho Tsuruhara
Yumiko Misono
Maki Yamaoka
April Lu
Maki Yamaoka
Aika Suzuki
Tomoko Suzuki
Lusiana Maeda
Daphnie Paulk
Aline Nunes
Lynette Curtiss
Ghaida Qaqish
Heather Kemmerer
Ria Shibata
Nicold Wou
Miki Matsunaga
Kyoko Ozaki
Erin Meyer
Yoko Ando
Kristi Lilleste
Jiwon Lee

Programming Skills for our 21st Century Learners


Recently in the PV Media Center, our students had a great time working with Code.org activities to create basic computer programs.  Code.org is a free, online educational resource dedicated to promote computer science learning in schools.  Their interactive activities are age-appropriate and encourage:

  • higher level thinking skills
  • team work
  • and problem-solving practice.
In addition, these skills support the 2015 STEM Education Act (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) curricula that have been targeted as a national priority.  The activities provide introduction and practice of the scaffolding steps of building computer code.  Most importantly, these skills will be valuable to our 21st century learners as they plan to fit into the future workplace.



Wednesday, June 8, 2016

THANK YOU to the PV PTO for the Gift of Reading!

Every Parkview student received TWO books as a gift from the PTO from our recent BOGO Book Fair.

The generosity of the PTO was spot-on in support with our goal of encouraging children to read for pleasure and to choose their own books.  The students loved selecting their books, and it was a joy to watch their enthusiasm!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Annual Book Swap Time

A Book Recycle Program

Dear Parents,

It's time to start a summer reading plan! Book check out from the Media Center has ended for this school year. To promote reading over the summer, we will start the annual Book Swap Program during the week of May 31st!  Students really like being able to trade some of their books for other students books.  It is a great way to get something new for free!  Any student wishing to bring in books in good condition to trade may participate on their library day. 

Students may bring in a total of 10 books to swap.  If they would like to bring in additional books to donate, that would be wonderful.  The books may include picture or chapter books, books in another language are welcome!  If they bring in 3 chapter books they will receive a coupon for 3 chapter books, and the same applies to picture books.   

The books need to be content appropriate for students in your child's grade and in good condition please.  I will keep the student's coupons in a class envelope to be redeemed the following week. 

What a fun way to recycle books!

Students bring books to swap on their library day the week of May 31st.

This is an optional activity, but a great way to get "new books" in your student's hands. 

Mrs. Jennifer Kramer

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dear Parkview Parents and Families:   

Our Buy One, Get One Free* Book Fair is open during the PV Fun Fair on Friday, 

May 13th from 5:30-7 pmCredit card sales will be available during this time. 


Students will also be able to shop the BOGO Fair during their regularly scheduled library time the following week -- May 16th -20th. Reading for pleasure has real and long-lasting benefits. It unlocks the power of information and imagination and helps kids discover who they are. Help your child develop stronger reading skills and a love for reading by:

·        Setting the example, let your kids see you read!

·        Updating your student collection of books at home to match their reading levels.

·        Allow your kids to choose their own books—the ones they love.

Students may purchase books with cash or a check. Receipts will be sent home with totals.
 A 6% sales tax will be added to all purchases.  If you like, you may make a check out with the
dollar amount you would allow your child to spend.  After totaling your child’s purchases,
we will send the change home with your child.

CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO: Parkview Elementary School

Student Buying Days:
Monday            May 16th -    Tasker, Garbooshian, Chaney, Grisa, Kowalczyk
Tuesday            May 17th  -   Zahradnik, Mendoza, Gantt, Armstrong, Treadwell
Wednesday      May 18th   -   Hill, Buscemi, Henry, Shaw, Burry
Thursday         May 19th  -     Ma, Garner, Musa, Starr, Ford
Friday               May 20th  -   Green, Dye, Baloh, Ferguson, Jahn

Ms. Sanchez and Mrs. Deighton’s class will have an opportunity to purchase books
during their Media Class time.

Have Fun Reading,

Mrs. Jennifer Kramer
Parkview Media Specialist

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Keyboard Skills: Type to Learn 4

Why teach children how to type?

Because keyboarding is a way of life today. Not only in schools or in the workforce, but also as a means for communicating with others, sharing ideas, and expressing thoughts. Typing is the primary means of interfacing with a computer-- learning how to use the keyboard is an essential 21st Century skill.

Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information is a research-based, interactive software that is now available for home use by 
Parkview 3rd and 4th graders.  

Download the software once to your home computer, following directions at http://ttl4.sunburst.com/downloads/
You will need your student’s username, password and school account code:

How it works: 

·        Username (ask your student-usually first initial+last name)
·        Password-- pv
·        Account Code132061

Directions for download are also provided for 
both Windows Users and Mac Users on the PV Media Center 
web page: http://www.novi.k12.mi.us/pv/pvmc/

Benefits of typing instruction include improvements in spelling, writing, and reading comprehension. TTL4 real-time records include progress graphs, student reports on lessons, activities and assessments, and a parent report. Lessons are fun for students and the typing games reinforce speed and accuracy, phonics, grammar, punctuation and sight words.